Purchasing Department

Mission Statement

The Purchasing Department for the City of Methuen is committed to maximizing value and efficiency in the procurement of goods and services, while upholding transparency, ethical standards, and sustainability. Our mission is to foster strong vendor relationships, support local businesses, and utilize technology to ensure the responsible stewardship of the city's resources, ultimately contributing to the growth and well-being of the Methuen community.


  1. Enhance Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency: Ensure the efficient use of the City of Methuen's financial resources through the implementation of prudent procurement processes, maximizing value for money while adhering to relevant regulations and ethical standards.
  2. Strengthen Vendor Relationships and Collaboration: Establish and maintain strong working relationships with a diverse range of suppliers, fostering collaboration and communication to enhance procurement efficiency and achieve the best possible outcomes for the city.
  3. Promote Local Economic Growth: Support local businesses and the economic growth of Methuen by prioritizing local suppliers whenever possible, consistent with procurement policies and without compromising quality or cost-effectiveness.
  4. Encourage Sustainable Procurement Practices: Incorporate sustainable procurement practices and environmentally friendly products into the purchasing process, reducing the city's environmental footprint and promoting long-term ecological responsibility.
  5. Improve Procurement Efficiency through Technology: Leverage advancements in technology and adopt innovative procurement solutions to streamline the purchasing process, reduce manual tasks, and improve overall efficiency within the department.
  6. Develop and Retain Skilled Procurement Staff: Invest in the professional development and training of the purchasing department staff to foster a knowledgeable and skilled workforce capable of navigating the complexities of municipal procurement effectively.