Records Division

The Records Division's main responsibilities are to securely store, retrieve, distribute, and dispose of police reports. Police reports consist of investigation reports, property reports, supplement reports, vehicular accidents, arrests, and miscellaneous incident reports. All reports are assigned a "case number" and are maintained numerically.

Obtaining Copies of a Record

The Records Division is located at the main entrance to the police department and is open to the public Monday through Friday. Reports can be picked up during the hours posted below. Reports or requests for reports can be taken in person or by mail. Please provide as much information as possible when requesting a copy of a report, i.e. case number. If the case number is not known, the records division can search for the report by a name of the parties involved, date, location, or type of incident. Please note that there is a nominal charge for all copies of records. Under state law, certain records are not available. Examples of records that are not available include:

  • Accidents or incidents involving criminal charges, which may result in incarceration and have not been adjudicated.
  • Accidents or incidents, which are still under investigation.
  • Records, which are expressly prohibited from disclosure to the public by statute.
  • Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form (PDF)

Arrest Records

You may acquire a copy of your record from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Criminal History System's Board. Forms for such a request are available at the Methuen Police Department, or through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by submitting a Personal Criminal Record Request Form.

Important Information to Note

Copies of any incident reports that are currently pending in court will not be given out by the Records Division. Copies of these reports are available through the Lawrence District Court.

Copies of Officer Crash Reports will not be given out until the Operators have filed their "Commonwealth of Massachusetts Operator's Report" form with this department.

Copies cost $0.50 per side/per page


The Methuen Police Records Department