Animal Control Unit

Sergeant Kevin Dzioba supervises the Animal Control Unit. The supervisor reviews calls, reports, ordinances issued, problems encountered, and overall results achieved by the Animal Control Unit. The department currently employs 1 full-time and 1 part-time Animal Control Officer.

The Animal Control Unit enforces City ordinances and tasks related to the care, control, and licensing of animals. The Animal Control Officer answers calls and complaints, conducts investigations, gathers information, and issues ordinances for violations of animal regulations. A major responsibility is the enforcement of City ordinances such as: leash laws, livestock restrictions, licensing requirements, barking/nuisance, and vicious dog ordinances.

The Animal Control Unit conducts animal rescue and abuse/cruelty/neglect investigations. The Animal Control Officer writes reports on violations, prepares reports, maintains records of animal bites and quarantines, and notifies involved persons of the outcome. Court testimony may be required against persons cited for ordinance violations. An Animal Control Officer utilizes a cell phone, radio, computer, and specialized truck/van to locate stray animals, occasionally bag dead animals for pick up, and impound live animals. This position is also responsible for performing related duties as required. An Animal Control Officer is expected to exercise considerable initiative to work independently in the field and is expected to organize work assignments to respond to a maximum number of calls. An Animal Control Officer must exercise judgment and discretion in dealing with not only a wide variety of pets and wild animals but also in dealing with pet owners and residents. An Animal Control Officer must wear a uniform.