Why is my water cloudy or milky?

Occasionally your water may look cloudy or milky. Cloudy or milky-looking water is usually the result of lots of tiny air bubbles suspended in the water. The bubbles are so small that they are almost invisible, but together they look like someone poured milk in your water. Our water has dissolved air in it all of the time, but it has more during the colder months. When the colder water warms in your hot water heater or in the pipes of your home it can no longer hold all of the dissolved air, so air bubbles appear. There is nothing that Methuen Water can do to remove these air bubbles from the water, but be assured that these bubbles will clear on their own as the water warms up. If you allow a glass of water to stand for a few moments, the air bubbles will rise to the surface. This phenomenon is called entrained air and does not affect the quality of your water and is not harmful to consume. 

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