Curbside Mattress Recycling

MattressEach year Massachusetts residents throw out about 300,000 mattresses according to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. In Methuen, the City collects about 1,000 mattresses from households for disposal annually. These items take up a lot of space and add to the City's trash tonnage which has increased by almost 20% over four years.

Most of the component materials from mattresses and box springs can be recycled, and under new MassDEP regulations taking effect this fall, recycling of mattresses is required. Effective statewide on November 1, 2022, mattresses are added to the list of materials banned from disposal or transport for disposal.

Question: What does this mean for Methuen residents?

Answer: With the state waste ban on mattresses and the introduction of trash limits through the Methuen carts program, the City of Methuen, beginning October 3rd, will no longer be collecting mattresses with trash pickup. Instead, residents will have three options for the disposal of mattresses and boxsprings:

  1. Option 1: Drop-off by Methuen residents with sticker permit (or senior citizen pass) of mattress and boxspring at Methuen Transfer Station. The cost per mattress drop-off is $50; the Box spring cost is $10.
  2. Option 2: Contact Methuen's Trash/Recycling Hauler EL. Harvey and Sons to schedule a curbside pickup of mattresses and box springs. To schedule a pickup call 508-836-3000 or 800-321-3002. Pickup of bulky items including mattresses and boxsprings will be scheduled weekly on Fridays. See EL. Harvey's website for fee schedules is based on the size/weight of the item. Visit the E.L. Harvey website.
  3. Option 3: Contact Methuen DPW for online payment and scheduling pickup at Methuen Recycling and Trash Services website or call 978-983-8545. We estimate that DPW crews will be available twice per month for the pickup of bulky items including mattresses and box springs. The cost per mattress is $50; the Box spring cost is $10.

Important Note: Mattresses to be disposed of for recycling must be kept dry, reasonably unsoiled, and free of bedbugs. For more information on Mattress Recycling and the Massachusetts Waste Ban, visit the Mattress Recycling page.